Code of Ethics

I will serve my clients to the best of my ability, with honesty and integrity.

I will inform my clients of my specific qualifications and background in relation to the Tarot and other healing modalities, and any other relevant background information. I will represent myself truthfully and honestly at all times.


I will ensure that a safe, sacred and compassionate space is created for my clients, free of judgement, and regardless of age, background, ethnicity, gender, orientation or otherwise.


I will outline the relevant fees in advance so that clients are clear on the financial aspect of the service being provided. I will notify my clients before undertaking additional services if extra fees will be applicable.


I will maintain strict confidentiality of all client information, unless I am required to share this information as directed to by law.


I will work with my clients to ensure the most appropriate and empowered questions are asked of the Tarot, for my clients' highest good.


I will outsource legal, medical and financial queries, where those specific queries or issues raised are best handled by a qualified professional or appropriate advisor.

I respect my clients right to terminate the reading at any time.

I will strive to continue learning throughout my Tarot and life journey in order to best serve my clients.